Infrastructure Consultancy

Continuous digital transformation has an enormous impact on the way companies need to organize their infrastructure. The move to the cloud changed the way we invest in hardware; SaaS models altered the way we commercialize software and technologies like AI & IoT made the amount of data that needs to be stored explode exponentially.


We offer guidance to companies that are in the planning phase of a migration. We love to come to the table as your sparring partner, advising on how to navigate through technological changes and ensure long-term growth.


How can we work together?

Our team of experts is eager to help you build the best cloud strategy possible.


Infrastructure Roadmap

An infrastructure roadmap lays out which services your organization is running today and will need tomorrow. Once your objectives are clear, you need a view of which technologies and solutions will best support your services. Then you can play out different scenarios and to identify the required actions.



Migration to (Hybrid) Cloud

More companies are changing their approach from cloud to hybrid cloud, using a mix of on-premises servers, public, and private cloud services. This can offer cost and control benefits, but every business has its own story. Let us dive into yours and come up with the right setup.



Datacenter Migration

While your business grows, you may outgrow your current datacenter, but managing a migration project can keep you awake at night, while several technical parties need to be kept in sync. We unburden clients during a migration, offering experts that can coordinate your move.



Our cases



Forganiser is a web based payroll planning tool with Dimona declaration, time registration, contracting and cost calculation. Its infrastructure currently hosts over 20.000 employees, and consists of a private cloud solution able to handle large peaks (such as Tomorrowland, etc.).
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EASiX is a software company that focuses strongly on software for home nurses. The React Native built app is used by more than 2000 nurses per day. Aside from its private cloud setup, we set up highly critical performance monitoring.
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Drukke Mama's

Drukke Mama's

Drukke Mama's is a WordPress & Woocommerce based webshop backed by a Facebook group with over 50.000 members. Its infrastructure solution consists of automatic scaling hosting to handle promotion peaks (ability to serve over 40.000 requests in 1 minute).
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