Private Cloud

A private cloud is a cloud environment managed by your internal IT department. It is in fact a cloud infrastructure dedicated to one customer. This allows a company to tailor it’s environment around its business needs.

How do private clouds work?

With a private cloud infrastructure, you control the physical servers and any access to these servers. Your data is stored in-house but off-site, driven by cloud computing technology but inaccessible by users outside your organization should you wish so. Private clouds are also a great and cost-effective solution for hosting large web accessible applications.

Benefits of private cloud

Private cloud is the ideal solution for those who want to make their business resources available on-demand and scalable, but do not want to rely on a public cloud due to security policies, budget constraints, compliance requirements or regulations.

When high performance and considerable storage is required, without the need to scale hyper fast, a private cloud is often a better bargain and offers more security features to help protect sensitive data.

Tailor made solution
Endless security features
Cost efficient for large capacities

Possible disadvantages

Public cloud is not ideal for everyone. Sometimes a leaner private cloud is more suitable. Why should you choose private cloud instead of public?

Internal resources needed for deployments & maintenance
Less scalable due to infrastructure installations
More difficult to budget TCO

Our private cloud solutions

We offer tailored private cloud solutions for companies that want the get the best out of cloud.


ProxmoxVE based private cloud with SAN or CEPH based storage.


A Lemon Live elastic PAAS based private cloud – hier nog wat meer content toevoegen


VMware private cloud – hier nog wat meer content toevoegen


Hyper-V private cloud – hier nog wat meer content toevoegen