Google Cloud

Google Cloud Hosting is the best choice if you prefer open source and containerized applications with Kubernetes orchestration. It is attractive for companies that already use other Google cloud services like Gmail or Google drive. On top of that, Google Cloud Hosting offers the best price, including a 12-month free trial on its platform.


Waarom Google Cloud?

We don’t just offer expert know-how on hosting infrastructure; we are your architecture sparring partner too—we support you during the development phase of your application before implementing or optimizing your Google cloud setup.


Google Cloud solutions

Compute Engine

Cloud SQL

Cloud CDN

Cloud Run

Cloud Storage

Kubernetes Engine


Cloud Functions

Cloud SDK



How can we work together?

We have a long history in supporting Google solutions for our customers, and we’re eager to help you boost your cloud performance with Google Cloud. This is how we work:



First, we analyze what your objectives are. Then we map the business processes and applications that exist in your organization and check which parts should move to the cloud.




Now we can build a migration plan based on the best solution for your situation. We map the workload, the cost, and the timeline of your project.




Finally, we migrate your data and services, and configure your Google cloud infrastructure based on the requirements on your roadmap.

Interested in starting with an Google Cloud solution?