How do I log into DirectAdmin panel

Quickly go to:

  1. What is DirectAdmin
  2. Login to DirectAdmin
  3. Change password in DirectAdmin

1. What is DirectAdmin

If you've lost the link to log into DirectAdmin or want to change your password, there's no problem with that. This article explains how to log back into DirectAdmin and how to change your password.

2. Login to DirectAdmin

Step 1

Add the port number :2222 after your domain name to be redirected to your server's DirectAdmin panel.


Step 2

Login with your username and your password which you received from us when you configured your hosting package. If you have lost your password or have not received one at that time contact or create a ticket to reset your password.

Step 3

If you performed the above steps correctly you would see the DirectAdmin panel.

If you still can't figure it out or have other questions or concerns, feel free to ask via het ticket, by phone or by mail

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