About us

Who knows your infrastructuur better than anyone else?

Our vision

Rockin' in a digital world

We believe that, in an online world, the developer can be considered a true rockstar. A developer creates applications and/or websites that will be brought to and loved by the masses. As a true rockstar, they need the infrastructure that is guaranteed to be accessible by visitors at all times, no matter how many visitors come to worship their work. That’s why we created Lemon Live: to make sure that, when you go live, we make sure the lights stay on!

The essence 

About our stage engineers

You can’t start an IT-business with just IT people, right? That’s why we fill our stage with ambitious rockstars who have all kinds of talents. A rock band needs more than only a lead singer, it also needs guitarist, drummers, and what not. Our team consists of superb software engineers, unique UX/ UI designers, determined developers, and marvellous marketeers who will certainly rock your world! V software-ingenieurs, unieke UX / UI-ontwerpers, vastberaden ontwikkelaars en geweldig marketeers die je wereld zeker zullen rocken!

Our story

How we came to be

Lemon Live is the rebranding of Lemon Companies' successful hosting company, Interhost Solutions. The business was running great, but customers began asking for help with web and software development and web design. Because the customer is always king, Interhost quietly began expanding its offerings. 12 years later, it was time to rethink the company's branding and positioning by shifting the focus from webhosting to a broader range of IT-related services, such as managed services and cloud consulting. We also wanted to connect more with our audience. So Interhost played their last ever set and gave the floor to Lemon Live.

Lemon Live is a digital stage powered with passion for technology, expertise, and non-stop support. We’d love to rock your world!

Lemon Companies

We’re one big family

As a subsidiary of Lemon Companies, Lemon Live is only a part of a big and mean technology machine. Our team exists of experts in their respective fields, going from system engineers to software engineers and even designers. We share a passion for technology and aim to share the fun of technology while creating business impact in the digital journey of our clients.

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