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Your business is our most precious resource

Our approach

What does it mean to jam with Lemon Live?

Inline infrastructure grow

When launching your new project, surely, we strive for world domination. But investments in infrastructure should ramp up with the usage of your applications and traffic on your websites. We offer smooth infrastructure solutions that grow alongside your business.

Pay only for what you use

Just like a car only consumes gasoline when it drives, we want our clients to be paying for the traffic they have seen on their platforms. By defining a budget limit, this comes without any surprises.

Simplified automatic scaling

Your online business trives when everything works as it is supposed to work, no matter if you serve 1 or 1 million users at the same time. By automatically scaling your resources, we help you build the most reliable experience in your industry.

Modular stack concept

Our modular approach lets each component of your stack scale independentely of another, respecting their own bounderies. This allows thorough custimisation of your desired setup and maximized cost-efficiency at the same time!

Technology sparring partner

We don’t just live in data centers, we love to come out and help our clients. As a service company, we want to be part of all your infrastructural challenges and work through them as your technology sparring partner. Enjoy working with familiar faces that know your infrastructure inside out.

Helpdesk efficiency

If a client calls us, we understand they need help. Instead of endlessly transferring calls, we put our best people first line so we can find solutions as quickly as possible, while minimizing any frustration.

Our beliefs

When you go live,
we make sure the lights stay on!

Lemon Live is de enige hosting, partner die de digitale grow with the business of the client automatically.

In particular, our focus is on supporting developers of business critical applications and demanding websites that are in need of a regular sparring partner in an age where clients only stand out online when their services perform the way they are supposed to, whether 1 or 1 million users visit at the same time.

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