Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud infrastructure means using a combination of public cloud, on-premises computing and private cloud in your data center. Such a mix environment can lead to powerful solutions. We offer our expertise to companies looking to make the most of cloud technology.


Why hybrid cloud?

Our business is about finding the best possible hybrid cloud solution for our clients. Therefore we don’t want to be linked to any provider or technology, what enables us to stay independent and ahead of the curve.

Benefits of hybrid cloud

Sensitive data

Sensitive data

Some companies prefer keeping sensitive, mission-critical data in a private cloud. When they need extra capacity, the public cloud steps in providing extra capacity to less sensitive data. Public cloud infrastructure can seamlessly scale on-premise infrastructure without giving third-party datacenters access to the entirety of the data.



When building a digital business, you want to be able to change directions quickly. Using a mix of technologies reduces the barriers to innovate and helps in getting the best out of every technology. For example, new ideas can be prototyped faster in a cloud environment without having to invest in hardware.

Disaster recovery

Disaster recovery

When confronted with a serious downtime, your business needs continuity. Such downtimes can occur on-premise or with any public cloud operator. We can setup a hybrid cloud solution for disaster recovery that replicates your critical data and services in a cloud environment or on a different location when needed.

For whom? 

Why hybrid cloud might be right for you.

We offer guidance to companies that are in the planning phase of a migration. We love to come to the table as your sparring partner, advising on what cloud solutions work best for your business.

How can we work together?

Our team of experts is eager to help you build the best cloud strategy possible.



We analyse what your objectives are. Then we map what business processes and applications exist in your organization and what parts of it should move to the cloud.



We build a migration plan based on the best solution for your situation. We map the workload, the cost and the timeline of the project.


Datacenter coordination

Managing a migration project can keep you awake at night, while several technical parties have to be kept in sync. We unburden clients during a migration offering experts that can coordinate your move.

Intrested in hybrid cloud?