Privacybeleid & Cookiebeleid

The privacy policy for Lemon Companies BVBA, hereafter referred to as ‘Lemon', owner

of hereafter referred to as ‘the website’.

Guarantee privacy

At Lemon we think it’s important to guarantee the privacy of visitors of our website.

That is why we define what information we collect and how we use this information in our privacy policy.


By consulting the information and the services on the website, you agree to our privacy policy and the

associated conditions that are included.

Contact information

When you give us your contact information, we respect the trust you give us by doing so.

We will never sell or give your information to any third parties, and we strive to use it internally only for purposes we think you will be interested in.

Wanneer u ons laat weten dat u niet langer geïnteresseerd bent om van ons te horen, hetzij door u af te melden van een mailinglijst, hetzij door rechtstreeks contact met ons op te nemen, zullen wij uw contactgegevens binnen een aanvaardbare termijn verwijderen, zoals voorgeschreven door de GDPR.

If at any point you have a renewed interest, please do not hesitate to resubscribe through any of the possible channels.


ls u vragen heeft over ons privacybeleid, of als u meer informatie wenst, kunt u contact met ons opnemen via het e-mailadres

Monitoring the behaviour of visitors

The website uses various techniques to keep track of who visits the website, how the visitor behaves and which route he or she takes within the website. These techniques record information that contributes to the quality of the user experience, such as IP addresses, the type of browser and the pages visited.

We also monitor the page on which a visitor first arrives and which search engine or direct link led him or her to it. This information is stored anonymously and is separated from any other personal information.

Use of cookies

The website places cookies with the visitor and collects information about the pages visited and the frequency of the visits. In this way, we discover for example which pages do well on the website. We also keep track of the information that is shared about the browser type, device, IP address, and so on.

Disable cookies

If you wish to disable the cookies, you can do this with the functionalities of your browser. More information about these functionalities can be found on the website of the provider of your browser.

Do you have any questions or other feedback? We would love to hear it.

Contact information

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