Azure Cloud

Azure is a cloud service developed by Microsoft. It is built for businesses that already rely on a Microsoft server stack or want to connect with Microsoft cloud services like Office 365.


Why Azure?

Today, many enterprises depend on Azure for driving their business. We offer expertise to companies wanting to migrate their data and services to the Azure cloud.





Azure Cloud solutions


Internet of Things

Backup and archive

Disaster recovery


AI platforms


Business intelligence

Cloud-scale analytics

SAP on Azure


SAP on Azure

Cloud-scale analytics

How can we support your Azure migration?

Finding your way through all these features might be complicated. Therefore, we offer guidance and support when configuring your account to get the best out of Azure. This is how we work:



First, we analyze what your objectives are. Then we map the business processes and applications that exist in your organization and check which parts should move to the cloud.




Now we can build a migration plan based on the best solution for your situation. We map the workload, the cost, and the timeline of your project.




Finally, we migrate your data and services, and configure your Azure cloud infrastructure based on the requirements on your roadmap.

Interested in starting with an Azure cloud solution?