Connected Factory

Een connected factory is een fabriek die productieapparatuur koppelt aan de cloud en informatie levert over alle aspecten van het productieproces. Dit kan over meerdere productielocaties plaatsvinden. In een industrie 4.0-context vertrouwt een verbonden fabriek niet alleen op IoT voor het verzamelen van gegevens, maar wil het een intelligente koppeling met bedrijfsprocessen bieden.


Often, industrial installations already generate data but are coping with heavy legacy software. Because the cost of components for connectivity substantially decreased during the last few years, connected factories are emerging everywhere.

Use cases

Monitor & control installations on several locations

Get more data on operations

Detect anomalies and receive alerts

Optimize maintenance cycles

Speed up testing of new equipment

Build better workflows and improve quality

Automize inventory flows

Reduce energy consumption

Waste reduction

For whom? 

Why connected factory might be right for you.

The ‘Connected Factory’ concept is especially relevant for production companies that want to speed up innovation on the manufacturing floor and need technology support to realize their ambitions.


Benefits of public cloud

Stable and secure infrastructure

Stable and secure infrastructure

We help you get a stable and secure infrastructure for your Connected Factory.

Storage of production data

Storage of production data

We help you store your production data and provide you with tools and services for monitoring and analysis.

Scalable environment

Scalable environment

We setup a scalable environment, ensuring business continuity and future growth.

Engineering solutions

Engineering solutions

We offer engineering solutions connecting any device or installation to a network.

How can we work together?

Our team of experts is eager to help you build the best cloud strategy possible.


Project intake

Let us help determine your business objectives and current processes.



We analyze the current technologies in use.



We build a roadmap and a budget framework for you.



We kick off the implementation.



We provide ongoing support.

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