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Scalable hosting solutions

At Lemon Live, we are all about advising on and delivering a hosting,- or cloud solution tailored to your needs. We offer only highly scalable solutions that can grow with your business. Never pay for resources you don't use.

Our services

Which services do we offer?

Managed services

Focus on your core business, we will take care of the rest.

Cloud services

Access your data anytime. Future-proof and flexible cloud solutions to fit your needs.

Innovation services

Advance your business with the latest technologies.

Webhosting services

Get your website online all the time. Make your services available to the public 24/7.


What we can promise you


Our rockstar employees have years of experience facilitating IT services. No doubt you are in good hands.

Customer care

The collaboration doesn’t end after we implemented the desired service. You can count on us every step of the way.

Pay as you use

You only pay for the resources you use. No strings attached.

Art direction

We immediately connect you to an experienced support engineer, so you don’t spend your day endlessly waiting. We care about your needs.

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Our projects



Corporify is a blockchain inspired platform that makes the legal management of companies more practical, accurate and reliable. The application is a scalable Angular based blockchain platform with a separate environment for every customer, provided with a CI/CD pipeline and Docker containers.
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Drukke Mama's

Drukke Mama's

Drukke Mama's is a WordPress & Woocommerce based webshop backed by a Facebook group with over 50.000 members. Its infrastructure solution consists of automatic scaling hosting to handle promotion peaks (ability to serve over 40.000 requests in 1 minute).
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Noah Store Manager

Noah Store Manager

Noah Store Manager is an ERP/CRM software system that digitizes and optimizes store management for baby and children's specialty stores.
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