WordPress Managed

WordPress is the worlds most used CMS. Many themes and plugins are publicly available to make functional and good looking websites in a short time frame. However all these ready made additions can cause WordPress websites to become slow. We have years of experience with setting up WordPress environments and making websites fast again. We can provide the best server infrastructure and help you pinpoint possible bottlenecks.

Why Wordpress Managed hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting is about getting the best out of WordPress without the hassle of putting your own people on the project. This means you can focus on what you do best: creating digital experiences for your customers or users.


Speed is crucial for digital services. Also search engines are more and more sensitive to the load time and reaction speed of websites. That is why we offer a cloud platform that has been fine tuned for maximized WordPress performance.


As WordPress is a popular CMS, websites using this platform often get targeted by hackers. Securing your WordPress environment properly, automating backups, and providing it with the latest security updates, is how we help you get the most out of it.


When installing WooCommerce, performance and security only becomes more important for your customers. We make sure every transaction can be made in a safe environment and all data is always secured.

Business Continuity

A successful business attracts more customers. By implementing load balancing and caching engines, we ensure that your application stays in business, whether there is one or one million people using it.

Staging Environment

Before going live or when making changes to your website, a staging environment helps to test your website thoroughly and prevents errors. We provide one-click staging environments.

For who?

Who should be using Wordpress Managed services?

Are you an agency or an SME that wants to focus on using or building websites, but rather stay away from performance impact of using different types of theme’s of plugins? A managed WordPress solution might be ideal for you. Let us worry about the performance and security of your websites.