Workstation Bundels

Keeping every part of your business   with dedicated workstations

We help your organization to a position that allows for flexible and efficient employment.

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Why workstation bundles?

Low investment

We work through a lease-payment model. This way you avoid impossible investment costs for your growing organization.

Everything you need

With our package, office and home workers have everything they need. No ordering extra peripherals, no looking up additional software.

Practicality and realism

Not too much, not too little. Our package contains carefully selected, highly rated mid-line equipment. So you have everything you need, while avoiding unnecessary costs.

Workstation Bundels

HP ProBook 450 G7 laptop 15 inch

The ideal workhorse for any employee. This mid-line laptop is highly regarded for its solid working memory and full SSD storage. This allows multiple taxing apps like Teams video calls and Office programs to operate effortlessly simultaneously. Of course, this laptop also has a webcam built in.

2x HP E24 24 inch displays

With only 1 laptop screen to work on, all the different program windows can quickly become overwhelming and messy. Thanks to the 2 extra screens, you keep your digital workspace orderly, and easy to multitask in. With built-in Windows multiscreen support, navigating between the different windows is also very smooth.

HP Pavilion 800 Wireless Peripherals

These external keyboard and mouse make it easier to work on your workstation than the laptop's built-in keyboard and trackpad. They're also wireless, so your desk won't turn into a tangle of wires.

Kingston HyperX Cloud II Headset

Regular video calls with colleagues have now become a new, unavoidable reality. Nothing is more annoying than that one colleague in the call where the sound is unclear or a constant echo prevails. With this high quality headset all calls go smoothly and crystal clear.

HP USB-C/A Universal Dock

The Universal Dock is the centerpiece that connects all these peripherals. Connection ports are rapidly disappearing from laptops, and these can quickly drive up the price to double that. Because price efficiency in this package is a must for us, we chose to solve this with a universal dock, which allows your entire workstation to connect smoothly and easily with 1 cable. 

HP Business Top Load laptop bag

With the frequent switching between home and office work, you often need to be able to transport your laptop between the two places. With this professional laptop bag, designed with this specific purpose in mind, you can transport your laptop and all its accessories in a safe and comfortable way.

Office 365 Business Standard

Na alle hardware heeft jouw workstation ook software nodig. Met een Office 365 Business Standard pakket heb je toegang tot alle Office-toepassingen zoals Word, Excel en Powerpoint, de vaste tools van kantoorwerker. Daarboven komen ook enkele Cloud-services zoals Teams, een OneDrive opslag tot 1TB, en SharePoint access voor toegang tot een gemeenschappelijke digitale ruimte van het bedrijf.

MSP Antivirus & Monitoring service

Computers can sometimes get themselves into serious trouble. A driver glitch, a memory leak that causes everything to crash, an unplanned update that suddenly makes nothing work. You can really be at a loss for words with these things. Fortunately we provide a standard antivirus and monitoring program on every laptop in our bundles. This stops the biggest culprits, and we can always actively support you with Windows problems you can't solve.

Workstation bundles benefits

All ready to go

Our packages are pre-installed and pre-set for your comfort. No hassle with installation procedures, we personally ensure that everything is ready to your specification, so you can get straight to work on your new workstation. If you prefer, we can even come and set everything up at your workplace.

On-going operating system support

Thanks to our experience as an IT company, we are full of expertise that we would like to share with you. Do you have a difficult problem with Windows that you can't solve? Contact our support and we will help you quickly!

Flexible package setup

We've put together our bundle so that it's perfect for flying right in from a starting position. But we understand that not everyone is in that same position. That's why you can adjust the content of your package to what's best for you.

Smooth contract follow-up

Our lease runs for a period of 3 years, this is because this is the general tax depreciation period for electronics. We will then contact you how you prefer to proceed.

- Still satisfied with your material? No problem, we will let the contract run as long as you want.

- Prefer an upgrade? Seamlessly enter into a new contract, and we'll provide new equipment to which we'll move all your data for free.

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