Internet Of Things (IoT)

By connecting all sorts of devices to the internet, innovation accelerates in sectors like utility, manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, etc. IoT aims at monitoring data generated by sensors to automate processes and offer new services.


IoT layers

A typical IoT solutions consists of several layers: device layers, communication layers, information layers and application layers. We offer services throughout all IoT layers in the form of engineering, application development and infrastructure solutions.

IoT Engineering

Sensors can measure all sorts of data, like temperature, location, vibration, or presence. When building a connected solution, the desired reach and usage of the application are important questions for determining the right connectivity.

LoRa, Sigfox, NBioT

LoRa, Sigfox, NBioT

Radio technologies that can cover a long reach while using a very low amount of power. Devices with this type of communication typically can run for multiple years on one battery charge.

BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)

BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)

Radio technology that covers short reach.

UWB (Ultra-Wide Band)

UWB (Ultra-Wide Band)

Radio technology that covers very short distances but has very accurate positioning.

NFC (Near Field Communication)

NFC (Near Field Communication)

Radio technology that covers very short distances where sender and receiver must touch each other.

Op basis van uw specificaties geven we advies over welke sensoren het beste werken voor het overbrengen van gegevens van uw apparaten naar de cloud. We streven naar draadloze sensoren die nauwkeurig inzicht kunnen geven in allerlei bedrijfs- of procesgerelateerde parameters.


Infrastructure Solutions for IoT

Sensors send data to the cloud, where all data is securely stored and processed. The stability and security of an IoT solution relies on its infrastructure. We guide you in choosing the right platform, whether a private or a public cloud solution like Microsoft Azure IoT Edge. Then we build your infrastructure and make sure it stays operational when you are live.


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Application Development for IoT

On top of this platform, web applications visualize your processes and business flows. Our development department can help you create the interface you need to serve your customers.

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